What’s ahead for the IT Industry Analysts: Analyst Spotlight teleconference, Jan. 20

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Tekrati(TM) and Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey(SM) will be hosting a teleconference on January 20 featuring Louise Garnett, vice president & lead analyst for Outsell Inc., who will discuss major trends in the IT industry analyst community, such as the Gartner/Meta merger, and implications for analyst relations and public relations professionals. The live interview will examine what’s in store for the … Read More

Executive Relations: Building Effective Analyst Advisory Councils

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Advisory Councils are one of the most effective venues for building strategic relationships between leading industry analysts and vendor executives. According to Rob Enderle, one factor that determines the effectiveness of analyst advisory councils is the degree of goal orientation and planning. Councils that are effective tend to have clear, concise goals that are collaboratively set with both the host … Read More

The 451 Group Declines PR Agency, Clipping Service Subscriptions

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Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey broke the news this week that The 451 Group is declining new and renewal subscriptions from PR, marketing communications and clipping service agencies. The policy is intended to eliminate violations of The 451 Group terms and conditions protecting its intellectual property. SWMS subscribers can read the news item, including comments by Adam Needles, vp at The … Read More