Tech Vendors Using Hosted CRM for AR Management

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Louis Columbus, a CRM and analyst relations expert, reports in his September 9th CRMBuyer column that high tech manufacturers and software vendors are turning to hosted CRM applications to track and coordinate industry analyst interactions. Read the column at CRMBuyer. Reprinted from Tekrati

Louis Columbus: Tips on Measuring, Using Customer Satisfaction

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Many analyst relations departments survey their internal users and their analysts in the spirit of measuring satisfaction with AR programs, tools and processes. All too often, the results are too positive or too negative. In other words, the results are stilted to serve near-term budgeting, review or political agendas. This week’s column by Louis Columbus, “Measuring Customer Satisfaction Like … Read More

Louis Columbus: Don’t Treat Industry Analysts as ‘Quote ATMs’

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Louis Columbus, founder of independent LWC Research and a former AMR Research analyst, published a commentary in CRMBuyer (Aug. 27) on the downside of vendors focusing on industry analysts as media references. Most AR professionals will disagree with his assertion that vendors often request an analyst quote without having briefed the analyst in advance. However, the commentary does support discussions … Read More