CloudNine PR: top media channels for reaching UK IT decision makers

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Influencer marketing entails many aspects of public relations. Along these lines, CloudNine PR agency is sharing results of its bespoke study of how 300 IT chiefs in the UK prefer to access news and info about the IT industry. I’m quite surprised by 4 findings in particular: LinkedIn ties with vendor emails as a useful or very useful source for … Read More

Invite: join the Influencer Marketing and Influencer Relations group at LinkedIn

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I’m pleased to invite you to join the Influencer Marketing & Influencer Relations Group at LinkedIn. So, what’s the point of joining this group?  This is a good LI group to join if you’re interested in offline influence and online influence. Topics include influencer-related business strategies, best practices, latest research and news.  Members hold vendor-side marketing, analyst relations, consulting, staffing, … Read More

LinkedIn for influencers

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LinkedIn is one of several tools that can help influencers pursue their passion for gathering and sharing knowledge. Here’s some insight from my own experiments as well as conversations with influencers: Starting with basics, treat LinkedIn as a directory for being found. Create a complete profile. Write every section of text for fast, easy reading — and with a eye … Read More

LinkedIn for the influencer program backoffice

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You probably think of LinkedIn as a recruiting and job hunting network. It also serves as a valuable backoffice tool for analyst relations, consultant relations, and fully integrated B2B influencer programs. The price is certainly right: basic services are free, and business upgrades are economical. Plus, the number of profiles keeps growing. As of last week, LinkedIn claimed more than … Read More