Marketing job: Influencer50 is hiring

BarbaraInfluencer marketing

Interested in working at an influencer marketing company? Good news – Influencer50 Inc. is hiring. The company is recruiting for a marketing manager to be based in the San Francisco office. They’re looking for an experienced marketing professional to manage one-to-one marketing outreach, influencer engagement programs for clients, and Influencer50’s online content. It’s a mid-senior level position suited for candidates … Read More

6000 tech marketing jobs cut during 2009


IDC is putting numbers around something tech marketers already know: 2009 is the worst year for vendor-side tech marketing jobs and budgets since the dot-com bust. IDC projects that 6,000 tech vendor marketing jobs will be cut by the time the dust settles at the end of 2009. Marketing budgets will be down 8.3% over 2008 levels. That’s the inhouse … Read More