IRG’s Katsaros and Christy on Briefing Industy Analysts

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In conjunction with their new book, “Getting It Right the First Time: How Innovative Companies Anticipate Demand”, Internet Research Group principals Peter Christy and John Katsaros offer a one-page analyst perspective on do’s and don’ts for high tech vendors intent on briefing industry analysts. I suggest that analyst relations managers read the book and consider giving their spokespeople each a … Read More

Executive Relations: Building Effective Analyst Advisory Councils

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Advisory Councils are one of the most effective venues for building strategic relationships between leading industry analysts and vendor executives. According to Rob Enderle, one factor that determines the effectiveness of analyst advisory councils is the degree of goal orientation and planning. Councils that are effective tend to have clear, concise goals that are collaboratively set with both the host … Read More

A Creative Thinking Exercise for AR Managers

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Certain analyst relations “best practices” are living on borrowed time. They are out of sync with the structures of expertise within the analyst community. They are also out of sync with the dynamics of analyst influence among high tech users. Following is a simple exercise in creative thinking that can help you start breaking free of handed-down AR behaviors, practices … Read More

Analyst Weblogs and AR Best Practices

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A few industry analysts are experimenting with weblogs, or “blogging”, as an additional, more informal or more immediate vehicle for expression. For analyst relations managers, the greatest value of these first-generation analyst blogs is not in delivering influence or mentions for their employer. The value is in providing candid insights into analysts as normal, socially connected human beings. AR Benefits … Read More

Tekrati FAQ: Working with an Analyst Relations Consultant

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Industry analyst relations consultants help vendors build, maintain and leverage industry analyst relationships. This Tekrati FAQ introduces the basics of working with an industry analyst relations consultant. It focuses exclusively on high tech industry analysts. Download this Tekrati Tip (PDF): Tekrati FAQ: Working with an Analyst Relations Consultant Reprinted from Tekrati

Briefing Industry Analysts: Venues and Planning Tips

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Most industry analysts prefer to take vendor briefings by telephone. This places particular importance on face-to-face time, including why, when, and how well vendors use the in-person briefing venues. This Tekrati tip highlights six outbound briefing venues: Onsite briefings Executive briefings Trade show briefings and meetings Corporate “analyst day” briefings Drill-down or themed “analyst day” briefings Analyst-sponsored events Download the … Read More

Crafting an Internal Mission Statement for an Analyst Relations Department or Program

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A good starting place is setting objectives for length and simplicity. Use these four guidelines before thinking about specific words or content: Aim for a concise AR mission statement. Set a maximum limit before you start. Keep the mission statement buzzword-free. You are writing a statement reflecting your role in the company that every employee in the company can understand. … Read More

Anatomy of Effective Analyst Relations Newsletters

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Industry analysts are not your typical audience. Take a quick tour of the body parts and vital signs of an effective analyst relations newsletter program. DNA: Real Audience Know your audience. An analyst newsletter is not a mass communications vehicle; it’s a newsletter for a finite, influential audience. Treat them like the staunch individualists they are. Identify 3 to 5 … Read More