Analysts as authors: extending influence through books

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May marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of Charlene Li’s and Josh Bernoff’s book, Groundswell.  Several industry analysts have released books since then. I figure it’s a good time to shout out to some recent analyst authors and talk a little about why writing books can be such an important activity for market influencers and influencer relations professionals alike. For IT industry analysts and other … Read More

Analyst Bashups: Time to Talk Back

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It’s that time of year again. Time to decide which industry analysts called the shots, gave the answers, and made the time often enough to earn an IT research and advisory contract for 2007. My advice to analysts this year: publish proof points showing your accuracy, timeliness, objectivity, engagement. Put forward some well researched — not just well rehearsed — … Read More

Analyst Strategy Group Offers Study on Analyst Usage & Influence among IT Decision Makers

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The Analyst Strategy Group, founded by former SageCircle analyst relations consultants, offers its 2004 Tech Buyers Study and related deliverables. Visit the ASG Web site for survey highlights (display highlights by rolling your cursor over the thumbnail charts), and to download a descriptive study scope sheet. Note that ASG suggests including company executives and members of the sales leadership team … Read More