Where have all the analysts gone?

Barbaraanalysts, Industry analysts

The Analyst Directory update project is full of surprises. Some surprises are pleasant, some are not.

On the sunny side, it’s rewarding to see that several risk-takers achieved success. These are professionals who jumped into new coverage areas or tried different research or delivery models. A few quickly sold their young companies, proving it’s possible for an analyst founder to create value and be acquired. Others have created a strong brand and community. Bravo!

Naturally, there’s the usual churn: analysts transforming their venture into something new, taking a different role in the industry, or retiring. Frank Murawski, President of FTM Consulting, passed away.

The most unpleasant surprise is that I archived over 40 firms – and I’ve only made it a third of way through the alphabet. Not every one of these individuals and companies have closed shop. Some transformed and renamed their business. Some took it down to its elemental core: himself or herself. Others let their online presence dwindle to the point that they don’t belong in this directory.

Still. 40-plus gone already. Something’s amiss here.

Acacia Research Groups
Access Intelligence
Advanced Communications & Media
Alfred Poor’s
Annex Research
Ars Logica
B2B Analysts
Better Insight
Beyond IT
Big Picture
Bourne Research
Broadband Directions
Brockmann and Company
Brodsky, Ira
Caiteur Group
CCID Consulting
CDI Institute
Communications Industry Researchers
Communications Initiatives
Davidson Consulting
eMedia Institute
Eureca Research
Ferris Research
Freesky Research
FTM Consulting
GDS International
Green IT Report
Grey Consulting
Ground Truth
Guidewire Group