Barbara on December 23rd, 2009

Influence is in the eye of the beholder, and that certainly holds true with the industry analyst bloggers. I wanted to know how the blogs I highlighted at Tekrati during 2009 ranked in Jonny Bentwood’s (Edelman analyst relations specialist) “top analyst blogs” table. I’ve posted the cross-reference below. It’s a good reminder that there’s no single correct list of top analysts. You have to conduct research to figure out which analysts hold sway in a given market.

Jonny and I share a common starting point: the entire analyst blogs directory I publish at Tekrati. From there, we travel along entirely different roads:

  • Jonny uses a hybrid qualitative/quantitative method to rank analyst blogs. He looks at stats and applies math.
  • I use a purely qualitative approach to recommend blogs to Tekrati readers. I read blogs and choose ones that offer consistently high quality content over time and are written by one or more analysts with solid reputations in their market sector.

I’ve learned a great deal about influencer rankings and attributes this year. Some of that thinking will show up in what makes the cut as a featured blog in 2010.

Tekrati Featured Analsyt Blogs with Technobabble Top Analyst Blog Rank

Blogs are listed in the order they appeared as a Tekrati Featured Analyst Blog during 2009, from early January through next week.

James Govenor’s MonkChips, Redmonk: Technobabble #7
Brandon Hall Analyst Blog - Janet Clarey, Brandon Hall Research: Technobabble #35
ThreatChaos, IT-Harvest: Technobabble #52
Technology Marketing Blog, IDC: Technobabble #288
A Software Insider’s Point of View, (then, Forrester Research) Altimeter Group: Technobabble #20
Craig Mathias’s Blog, FarPoint Group: Technobabble #313
Lopez Research Blog, Lopez Research: Technobabble #376
Pike Research Blog, Pike Research: Technobabble #269
Michael Fauscette (personal blog), IDC: Technobabble #156
Column 2 by Sandy Kemsley, Sandy Kemsley: Technobabble #17
The TEC Blog, Technology Evaluation Centers: Technobabble #145
Unified-View, Unified-View: Technobabble #190
Yankee Group Blog, Yankee Group: Technobabble #68
Enterprise Mobility Matters (personal blog, Philippe Winthrop), Strategy Analytics: Technobabble #152
ABI Research Analyst Blogs, ABI Research: Technobabble #314
GigaOM Pro Blog, GigaOM: Technobabble #350
Thinking Out Loud, Outsell, Inc.: Technobabble #280
Jon Arnold’s Blog, J Arnold & Associates: Technobabble #148
Service-Oriented Architecture, McKendrick & Associates: Technobabble #9
Supply Chain Reaction, (then AMR Research, Inc.) Gartner, Inc.: Technobabble #176
Workplace Learning Today, Brandon Hall Research: Technobabble #5
Vendorprisey (personal blog, Thomas Otter), Gartner, Inc.: Technobabble #47
George F. Colony’s Blog: Counterintuitive CEO, Forrester Research: Technobabble #46
Pattern Finder (personal blog, Guy Creese), Burton Group: Technobabble #135
Supernova Hub, Supernova Group: Technobabble: #159
Parks Associates, Parks Associates: Technobabble: #134
Javelin Strategy and Research, Javelin Strategy and Research: Technobabble #105
The Guidewire, Guidewire Group: Technobabble #115
Rabkin’s ROI, Market Insight Group: Technobabble #343
Gartner - John Pescatore, Gartner, Inc.: Technobabble #40
CCS Insight Blog, CCS Insight: Technobabble #210
Gartner - Jeffrey Mann, Gartner, Inc.: Technobabble #65
SharpBrains, SharpBrains: Technobabble #3

Popularity: 7%

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    find out whether the rules are good enough. Pidgn Pidgin has been my choice in any chat platform for several years.

    Thewse are the people whho make it possible for a forum to be fun or exciting.
    Children above 5 years of aage can access the chat room website of KidsCom.
    The aim is to stump the clever bot or its counter part, chat bot, into giving an answer that isn’t correct or doesn’t
    make sense for the subjewct att hand. Information dissemination is extremmely necessary for every business
    to grow. Note that streaming video and audio doesn’t necessarily
    have to be real-time as yoou can do the similar with pre-recorded versions.

    You can also use our Google Locator for finding tthe exact location of each member.
    Cleverbot: Thanks. As just mentioned, Adium supports file transfers.
    I know what you are thinking thqt chat rooms are full of ccon artists,
    strangers you would never talk to onn the street and other weirdo types.
    It could about politics, career, family, foreign living, marriage, etc.

    Typonese can strike anyone at anytime during a chat
    session. One particular ervice for chatting is chat zone.
    In the following article, I have provided
    a small list of chat rooms for kids. Also, soome mobile apps caan also help you tto
    connect to these sites through your smartphone.
    However, I would rather go to a live psychic that I could chat with right nnow about my issues.

    The biggest reason for the virtual world to become so popular iis that everyone is welcome.
    Now yyou need to go to the sorting option on the right side of the screen.
    Search ffor specialied chat rooms about subjects which your child savors;
    like painting, drawing, sports, travel, etc. I leanbed on tuem for the initial first few months, but then it got tto hard to make ends
    meet and so forth so my internet was the first to
    go. I don’t believe we should add another expensive option for pedators to prey on.

    The whiteboard feature can also aid in this sort of assignment while students talk or chat about
    their assignments and exchange ideas. We alll started laughing,
    and my fiancee quickly said “how do I do this?” and loqded it as
    well. A large number of Bangladeshis live and work in foreign countries.

    These mainstream media websites distribute news utilizing journalistic standards, but are marred by the hidden agenda of their editors.
    Title this layer whatever you like.

    Through Live chat itt iis possible that one banking representative can give solution for
    two or more customers simultaneously whereby time and labour is saved.
    Chat rooms are a social facility that is provided by numerous
    websits on the Internet. Instead, ask if there’s anything else you can help them with.
    Reading typonese can bring a new outlook on the English language or any other as far as
    that goes. So even if someone uses slzng it juyst gets deleted.

    The maain featyure that I liked was the ability too talk to more than one person at a time.Taoking in the Livelpy Virtual Room To talk in the Lively
    room, you just type your message into the ordinary chat window and hit enter.
    This is just an attempt to help your child access the services safely.
    She would be thhe first to tell others that, though there is
    mich good on the Internet, care must be taken.Gay chat and dating sites can be found in abundance today online.

    However, as it is relatively new, some features tend to not want to work all
    the time. Some of thrm do not even require membership, so
    a few clicks and voilà! I wipl always regret not keeping in better touch with
    everyone. Such chat rooms ccan have a general topic,
    or can bee very specialized in nature. I
    immedietely began seeking out places that I could
    just go to for a long lenghth psychic reading.

    This medans that the participants are at their computers aat the same time, and respond
    to each other’s messages immediately, much like
    a discussion between people inn a room. Generally, iit so happens that when kids are noot given enough attention in their own families,
    they are emotionally drawn away and start inclining towards
    external sources for happiness and peace. It may work on older computers, but youu
    may experience choppy video as your computer struggles to keep
    up with the webcam. There are too ffew sites that authorize and moderate free webcam chat for kids.
    You should ssee your webcam lijght go on, and see yourself on the loqer of two video windows on the left of the

    Many people face different challenges every single day.

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