Supernova 2009 – recaps, photos

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Supernova 2009The Supernova 2009 forum was a worthwhile and compelling event on many levels: the mix of conversations, research, debates, and passionate and intelligent people — all from so many different facets of business, academia, R&D, media, law, government, finance.

Thanks so much to Kevin Werbach and Jeanne Logozzo of Supernova, the Wharton School, and the sponsors for organizing and hosting a superb gathering of minds. It was a privilege to attend.

I used to describe Supernova as a “mini-TED”. That was before there were mini-TEDs and before TED turned into its own kind of stylized performance art. Supernova is not at all a mini-TED. Supernova is a true forum. It’s as much about engaging as it is about listening. That’s a rare thing.

Mary Trigiani has posted a crisp written snapshot of the major conversations that unfolded each day at the Supernovahub. From there, dive into the Supernova Twitter stream using #sn09. Don’t delay. I’m guessing a few thousand tweets went out from and around Supernova. They’ll disappear in the next 10 days or so.

I took just a few photos yesterday, as Supernova 2009 wound down. Fortunately, talented photographers took lots of photos throughout the 3 days. Kendall Whitehouse, Howard Greenstein and others are posting sets at Flickr with the hashtag sn09. I understand videos are online as well; I haven’t seen them yet.

I’ll be blogging here about conversations and ideas and some products beginning Monday. For now, I’m happily heading into the weekend reflecting on it all.