Edelman’s TweetLevel – measuring influence within Twitter

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Edelman's TweetLevelYou can’t do influencer relations without a good set of tools for identifying influencers and measuring and tracking their influence. Here’s a new tool for your consideration: Edelman’s TweetLevel, by Jonny Bentwood. TweetLevel calculates an “importance” rating of 0-100 for anyone with a Twitter handle. And, it’s free to use.

Most of the big agencies provide their clients with pricey dashboards and services for monitoring company reputation, PR programs and more. So it’s refreshing to see this Twitter discovery and ranking tool out in the public domain offered free of charge.

The total “importance” score is based on measurements in 4 areas: influence, popularity, engagement and trust. The underlying data comes from a combination of respected 3rd party influence/activity ranking sources, such as TwInfluence, and original Edelman calculations.

TweetLevel saves you time and gives you repeatable results, which we all need. From there, it’s up to you. It can’t tell you who the influencer is engaged with or whether the Twitter exchanges are positive, negative or neutral.

How would you use it today? A couple of ways to consider even now, during beta:

  • Benchmark your top execs relative to your competitors – capture a baseline immediately; chart changes periodically.
  • Benchmark your top influencers – compare their TweetLevel importance relative to each other and relative to your expectations; chart changes periodically.
  • Explore new influencers – use it when you come across someone new who’s commenting on your keywords, whether part of regular monitoring or special programs such as lead development, customer support, or evaluating requests for media/blogger guest passes.
  • Benchmark your company account relative to your competitors – capture a baseline immediately; chart changes periodically.