Influencer marketing – new interactive video, book offer

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Here are two great ways to get up to speed on influencer marketing. First up, there’s a new interactive video of Nick Hayes’ recent presentation at the Commonwealth Club, “Marketing Is Broken, Influencers Can Fit It”. Much of the presentation — including the case studies — comes from his book on influencer marketing. And you can purchase the book at a special 50% discount through August 20th.

The interactive video is available through videographer Ron Fredericks, at the blog. You can view the entire video or use the red navigation dots to zero in on key points. I’ve known Ron for years as an industry analyst. We’re honored that he decided to bring Nick’s presentation to a much wider audience via the web.

The special 50% discount on the book, “Influencer Marketing – Who Really Influences Your Customers”, runs through August 20th. You can only get this low price via the book website,

The live event took place in late May at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. It was produced by Kevin O’Malley, chairman of the Business and Leadership Forum at the Club and a principal at TechTalk / Studio.

About 60 of us attended the reception and presentation. There was a very good QA session at the end, and Ron has included excerpts of that in the video. Thanks everyone for making it such a special evening.