Influencer marketing and WOMM clips

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I found a couple of interesting posts today on influencer marketing and word of mouth marketing.  This trio of posts focuses on social media influence.  While social media is a only one of the communications channels used by decision-maker influencers, it is an increasingly important channel. The Role of PR in the New Media Landscape – Sally Falkow The monetization … Read More

Invite: join the Influencer Marketing and Influencer Relations group at LinkedIn

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I’m pleased to invite you to join the Influencer Marketing & Influencer Relations Group at LinkedIn. So, what’s the point of joining this group?  This is a good LI group to join if you’re interested in offline influence and online influence. Topics include influencer-related business strategies, best practices, latest research and news.  Members hold vendor-side marketing, analyst relations, consulting, staffing, … Read More

Putting CIO peer groups into perspective

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It’s a sure bet that when CIO and IT decision makers gather in groups, tech sales people circle nearby, angling to slip into the crowd. The common wisdom is that every member of these groups is a sales target. Each member is ripe with purchasing potential. That’s certainly a practical way for tech providers to look at IT peer groups. … Read More

Influencer marketing – new interactive video, book offer

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Here are two great ways to get up to speed on influencer marketing. First up, there’s a new interactive video of Nick Hayes’ recent presentation at the Commonwealth Club, “Marketing Is Broken, Influencers Can Fit It”. Much of the presentation — including the case studies — comes from his book on influencer marketing. And you can purchase the book at … Read More

Influencer programs and building public trust

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Influencer programs can be a lever for building and sustaining trust. How well this works depends largely on how we enable influencers to build and convey trust in our brands. This is especially true given the global economic climate. We know that influencers are trusted advisors. The question is, how are we enabling them to develop and convey trust in … Read More