Help Jon Peddie and the Siggraph Graphics Pioneers rebuild the 9th Ward


makeitrightJon Peddie and Kathleen Maher are two of the reasons that analysts make such an impact in the graphics industry and beyond. Like many of the top players, they’re not content with producing market intelligence and opining. They’re part of their market. Case in point: in addition to analyzing what’s hot and not at the upcoming Siggraph, they’re working with the Siggraph Graphics Pioneers to sponsor a Make-It-Right house for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And you can help.

Make It Right, a collaboration between actor Brad Pitt, Graft Architects, Cherokee Gives Back and William McDonough + Partners was founded in 2007 to help rebuild the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. The area was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Make It Right Foundation is committed to building 150 energy efficient, solar powered, storm resistant homes in the 9th Ward and the Siggraph Graphics Pioneers wants to help.

Jon Peddie Research is an active supporter of the Siggraph Pioneers and the Siggraph Pioneers Make It Right housing project. The firm will donate $200 from every report it sells from the 1st to the 31st of August to the project. They are also promoting a link so that you can donate directly to the Siggraph Graphics Pioneers House. Go to Make It Right – Team Sponsored Homes and scroll down to “The House That Siggraph Pioneers Built”. Or go right into the donation process.

They’ll continue fund raising after the conference, and will recognize significant donors on their site.

Drop me a line if you’re in the high tech influencer / influencer relations space and are out there doing good deeds — or know of someone who is. Happy to help get word out around my corner of the community.