SVAMA: Bringing authenticity back into marketing

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The Silicon Valley chapter of the AMA is teaming up with HP Analyst Relations for an evening focused on what’s working and what’s not working in marketing today. Rohit Bhargava will keynote, then moderate a panel of HP and Intel marketers. Rohit publishes the Influential Marketing Blog, ranked among the top 50 marketing blogs in the world, and has been … Read More

Influencer marketing from a sales POV

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Bernie Reilly, head of Influencer50 in Australia, has built several high-performance sales channels in Asia Pacific. Here, he shares a candid account of his reaction to influencer marketing. This is a reprint of his article in ‘The Influencer’: Q3’09’. Register here for alerts on future issues. I am new to the world of Influencer Marketing having joined Influencer50 just three … Read More

Megan Hawkins on influencing the influencers

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Megan over at Bite Communications has written a thoughtful post on influencer marketing. She points out the innate common sense of addressing the rich variety of influencers part of so many purchase decisions. And, she ends the post with a very good question: “Where do we draw the line between direct influence and a trickle-down effect of traditional comms?” That’s … Read More

Don Bulmer starts up a social influence think tank

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Don Bulmer, the SNCR-award winning head of influencer relations at SAP, is forming an informal think tank project on social influence, and in particular, best practices for social influence. He’s issued an open invitation to participate and contribute content. He’s outlined an ambitious agenda. In his words, “As I think about this I am inspired to look more deeply at how … Read More

Thinking about communities of practice

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Those of us who watch the watchers tend to use phrases like “the analysts”, “the media”, “the integrators”, “the bloggers”, “the academics”, and so on.  In most cases, we use these phrases simply as short hand.  We know that there are few common denominators uniting the people in these positions.  However, that’s not the message we send to our colleagues … Read More