Is your influencer network strategic or tactical?

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In today’s Email Insider newsletter, guest contributor Chad White (Smith-Harmon) points out fundamental differences between email programs used tactically and those used strategically. His points resonate with influencer programs as well:

Those that are using it [email marketing] tactically view email campaigns as isolated one-off events. An email is sent out and sales are tallied up. There’s no bigger picture. Their subscribers are just numbers that produce more numbers.

Those that are using it [email marketing] strategically view email campaigns as part of an ongoing conversation, an ever-changing relationship with individual subscribers. To those in this group, their email list is an extremely valuable and closely guarded asset.

Many companies fall into the same traps with their influencer programs.

The press, bloggers and analysts tend to complain about being treated in a tactical way. They bite back. Or, they stop answering calls and emails.

What about other types of influencers? They are less likely to complain. Their attention simply shifts to companies who demonstrate greater respect and interest in their opinions. In some cases, they include your treatment of them as another insight they share about your company culture, setting low expectations with prospects and others in their circle of influence.