TechCrunch muscles in on syndicated research

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TechCrunch has edged into the syndicated research business, the traditional turf of analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC, Burton Group, et al. The idea behind TechCrunch Research is elegantly simple: package up quarterly reports based on the open source CrunchBase wiki database, sell the reports at economical price points and promote the service across the TechCrunch media network. … Read More

IIAR Breakfast at Forrester IT Forum 2009 in Berlin

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Hannah Kirkman was in touch with an invitation to the IIAR breakfast meeting in conjunction with the Forrester IT Forum EMEA in Berlin next week.  It’s an opportunity to find out about the IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations) and network with analyst relations peers.   The informal breakfast meeting starts at 8:00AM CET on Wednesday, June 3rd at the … Read More

Word of mouth and influencer marketing interview on Love Digital

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David Campbell, a digital marketing expert and one of Australia’s youngest agency heads, says the adage that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing has been around a long time. But how do you actually activate it? How can companies and agencies stimulate word of mouth marketing and use influencer marketing? And, what are the implications for … Read More

ZDNet: who do you trust for enterprise software advice?


ZDNet blogger Paul Greenberg ran a poll last week asking who his readers trust most — analysts, journalists, institutional analysts, bloggers, others — “when it comes to a good, clean honest look at the enterprise technology industry… especially around traditional and social enterprise software (CRM, ERP, social network platforms) and technologies associated with it”. With 171 votes to date, the … Read More

Analyst relations outreach: is the goal analysts or decision-makers?

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Historically, analyst relations (AR) programs have been designed as a bridge between a technology company and the analyst community. As a result, AR programs have focused first and foremost on analysts, and only indirectly on prospects, customers and other decision-makers. Is it possible to reverse this program orientation? Bring it more in line with other communications strategies, such as social … Read More

Attending BiteBash tonight

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I’ll be at BiteBash in San Francisco tonight, “Navigating Your Brand through the Great Recession”. It’s such a timely topic. Bite’s David Hargreaves sums up the risks and opportunities that surround marketing right now: “Harvard Business Review recently reported that companies who slash marketing spending often find that they later have to invest much more than they saved in order … Read More

2009 Time 100 peeks at people influencing the influencers

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I am impressed with the interactive section on the “People Behind The People” published with the 2009 Time 100. It’s an indicator that even a mass consumer audience is interested in learning about “behind the scenes” influencers. Time did a great job slicing and presenting this content to boot, given their audience. It’s a reminder for all of us that … Read More

Analyst relations at risk on 2 fronts

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One of the challenges facing high tech marketing is how to update existing analyst relations programs, given the growing importance of more types of influencers. No one wants to lose valuable AR skills. Yet, companies want to realize better returns from these staffs and programs. This puts AR at risk on 2 fronts. The first is a matter of perception: … Read More

Is your influencer network strategic or tactical?

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In today’s Email Insider newsletter, guest contributor Chad White (Smith-Harmon) points out fundamental differences between email programs used tactically and those used strategically. His points resonate with influencer programs as well: Those that are using it [email marketing] tactically view email campaigns as isolated one-off events. An email is sent out and sales are tallied up. There’s no bigger picture. … Read More

World Innovation Forum in NYC: where to find business innovation influencers


The 2009 World Innovation Forum takes place tomorrow and Wednesday in New York City. Academics, experts, practitioners and other thought-leaders will present their views on how innovation can help businesses grow and increase their profitability. In addition to an impressive speaker line-up, the organizers are expecting an executive audience representing more than 100 companies in more than 20 countries. The … Read More