Earth Day: Who’s influencing green tech and clean tech decisions

BarbaraIndustry analysts

earth_day_graphics_13Someday, every ICT industry influencer on the planet will include aspects of green or ‘environmentally responsible’ within their area of tech expertise.  And someday, every influencer relations program will embrace these ideas.  Someday.

Today, it seems appropriate to mark Earth Day with a shout out to some of the pioneers. Here’s a small sampling of some notable industry and competitive analysts doing their level best to influence decisions about Green IT.

John Gartner, a contributing analyst at the newly formed Pike Research: “As the grid continues to age, power gets more expensive, and the headroom above peak loading get smaller, so utilities will need consumers’ active participation — or at least permission to automate power reductions — more often. Having consumers willingly participate in demand response programs and shifting consumption to off peak hours is much cheaper (and publicly acceptable) than building more power plants.”

David Tebbutt at Freeform Dynamics: “I’m not a tree hugger or a do gooder but it seems to me that we need more than lip service paid to the idea of sustainability.”

Tom Raftery at Greenmonk: gives talks on “Electricity 2.0 – applying the lessons of the Internet to our Energy networks.” He’s posted a slideshare of his latest O’Reilly Emerging Tech talk.

One of the most impressive hires in the analyst community: Stephen Stokes, at AMR Research. Enough said.

Competitive analysis firm Current Analysis: Jason Marchek takes coverage to the next level with a Eco-Sustainability Tracker Advisory Report series, launched just in time for Earth Day. The Advisory Reports are intended to build a timeline that tracks significant green marketing programs/initiatives. In doing so, this will establish some context through which ongoing environmental sustainability initiatives can be more consistently evaluated.

Greentechmedia: offers webcasts and sponsored reports on strategies for success in growing cleantech business.

Please post your own additions & comment on these folks.  All valid influencers and all types of influencers are welcome.