IIAR wants your vote on the analyst of the year

BarbaraAnalyst relations, analysts

Jonny Bentwood was in touch with an invitation for you. He’d like your help in determining the IIAR’s “analyst of the year”. Technically, you’ll help determine more than one analyst of the year. They’ll name one worldwide, one for the Americas and another for EMEA. I suppose with enough votes Asia-Pacific could have an analyst of the year as well. The challenge for Asia-Pacific is not the number or quality of analysts, but in the number of analyst relations practitioners at agencies and tech companies.

There’s info about the survey and last year’s results at the IIAR blog. They’re running the survey itself on SurveyMonkey.

The IIAR, aka Institute of Industry Analyst Relations, is a paid membership association of industry analyst relations professionals and their service providers. It’s based in the UK and has a sister organization in Germany.