Ray Wang on the analyst life

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R Ray WangR “Ray” Wang has posted a synopsis of his role as an industry analyst. Ray is with Forrester Research. His clients include tech buyers and tech providers. As a result, his straightforward summary describes the main roles that many analysts play in the tech industry.

I noticed that Ray doesn’t focus on describing his influence. He doesn’t call out his role as an influencer in the enterprise software market. Instead, he describes how he helps clients and how he creates intellectual property for Forrester through his research, analysis, consulting, and reports.

Many important influencers avoid the “influencer” label. It’s not the way they talk about themselves.

They leave such determinations to people like us here at Influencer50, who identify and score influencers on a market by market, client by client basis.

There’s no magic formula for being a great analyst or a great influencer. Ray’s a great role model for both.