Barbara on January 21st, 2009

pepsi25It’s easy to fall into thinking that focusing on the top 15 or 25 or 100 influencers in a given market is a good idea for every company. That’s not necessarily so, unless you can vet their influence with decision-makers for your product or service in your market.

Mack Collier points out a good example: his experience with the “Pepsi 25″ campaign. Pepsi had targeted Mack and 24 other high profile bloggers with 3 deliveries of cans showing the evolution of the Pepsi logo over 100 years, right up to the latest logo. Most of the 25 bloggers were happy to blog about Pepsi and it’s logo. By contrast, Mack said:

I mean on one hand I appreciated the effort that Pepsi went to in sending these materials to me. Obviously they send the cans and promotional materials to myself and 24 other people because they thought we were ‘influential’ in the social media space, and that we would blog/twitter/podcast about this promotion, and hopefully in a favorable light… Now the problem for me is, I know I’m not influential to Pepsi drinkers, cause I don’t drink Pepsi (Dr Pepper here. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?).

He goes on to suggest that his spot in the Pepsi 25 would have been better used on a loyal customer — someone who would have behaved as an evangelist out of love for the Pepsi product. Someone connected to others who also would talk about Pepsi and encourage purchases, and so on.

Pepsi 25 hit a dead-end with Mack.

As Duncan says, it’s not about influence, it’s about influence with the right people.

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  1. Indeed, Barbara. It might have made sense to find out what Mack drinks before sending him the cola. Pepsi makes the classic mistakes of assuming a) they can influence by (effectively) bribery and b) that influencers always influence positively. In fact influencers can usually be mapped on a continuum of very positive to very negative.

    It pays do to some due diligence on the influencer community before engaging with them.

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    On the other hand, shoould you not want to use microphone, you can do a text speak, where you both will likely be writing
    while even now seeing each other about the cam.
    Convenience is the main importance, but also entertainment.
    They also have many forums for cams and general paranormal.

    These chat roolms indeed have a loot of advantages, more than what we usually assume.

    If a nanny feels like it violates his/her rights, just ask tyem
    if they think the ‘bank teller’ at their local
    bank should also fee violated from having security monitors watching them
    all day? Insert thee yellow and white ends oof the camera line into
    thhe dazzle device; then plug the dazzle iinto your computer jack.

    Because it is very small, agentts can easily conceal it
    in the palmm of one hand. Asylumcam has 37 cams on their site and
    over 40,000 members.

    People used to say “seeing is believing”, I always believe that jokes can comes in any forms.
    Today’s world is a highly compestitive along witrh busy one.

    Theere are always special options on the line, one after the other,
    offeriing a different experience every time yoou click on it.

    To chat live, you have to choose wwhether you want to use textt or make use of the multimedia
    facilities available. This is one of thhe more unique cam sites out there.
    However, if you play the games on Zynga, such as Poker, you can chat there with peole all around the world,
    without disclosing your identity to them.

    it can throw you off. Q disguises spy cams as mundane, everydaay items.
    Top Cap forums are worth viewing. We run our line overhead and have had no
    issues doing that. Well, maybe because live cams or cameras would look ore realistic
    and exciting than already reecorded videos posted on the net.

    Moore would go on to make six other 007 films.

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