Government influencers and business deals

Barbarainfluence, Influencer identification

One group of influencers is about to undergo sweeping change in the U.S.: government agencies and regulators. Government influence varies greatly by industry. Yet it is present to some extent in virtually all industries.

In the book, Influencer Marketing, Nick and Duncan identify three likely roles for government agencies and regulators:

  • proclaimers – those who mandate or “proclaim” how the world will be
  • aggregators / communicators – information gatherers and disseminators
  • negotiators – determining anything from ethics to environmental requirements

It’s easy to see what they mean. Look at the green tech / clean tech markets. These have become a hot spot for government influence. Many governments are encouraging — if not mandating — rapid adoption. They are raising awareness among consumers and businesses. Some governments are pioneering new standards. Still others are funding R&D, manufacturing, professional training, entire industries, and jobs.

Every new administration in the U.S. federal government brings substantive changes throughout the uppermost layers of government. Sooner or later, the changes trickle down to local governments.

Changes in government influence are headed your way. Be ready for it.