Finding influencers in your sales channel

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When you think about the people capable of influencing your customers and prospects, take a good long look at your sales channel partners. A channel partner’s sphere of influence can extend far beyond their own customers and territory. Put their influence to work for you by incorporating them into your influencer program.

Success depends largely on choosing the right channel partners. This means curtailing internal politics during the selection process. Likewise, it’s not a popularity contest. Focus on partner attributes that will serve your company well, both out of the gate and over the long run. For example, look for channel partners:

  • Aimed at the same core markets and segments as you are
  • With an established positive reputation in your core markets
  • Willing to invest in their relationship with your company, such as participating in your training and co-marketing programs
  • Able to provide reliable customer references

Once you’ve shortlisted the partners, it’s a matter of picking the people within those companies that you want to induct into your influencer program.