Personal CPM draws near

BarbaraMeasurement, social media

Charlene Li predicts that ‘Personal CPM’ innovations will figure in the social media/marketing front in 2009. Personal CPM is one of the more interesting outcomes of joining up social media with consumer marketing. The idea is to analyze social behavior to more accurately target consumers. In Charlene’s words,

“Each person’s profile will command a different, personal CPM based on a trilogy of their behavior, influence, and market demand.”

It’s easy to see how this type of metric would have so much appeal in consumer marketing. It could enhance our thinking about upstream segmentation, downstream personalization, and everything in between. Where we have “personas” today, we could be back to addressable “people” tomorrow.

Personal CPM, as Charlene describes it, could also innovate accepted metrics for identifying and comparing influence among consumers.

Don’t pigeonhole personal CPM as just another advertising model.

Personal CPM has implications for influencer identification and engagement as well.