Too famous to influence

BarbaraInfluencer identification

Social media has made “rock stars” of many ordinary people. They gather audiences and attract vast social networks of friends and followers. Essentially, they achieve celebrity status. If you’re thinking of hitching your influencer program to one of these stars, take care to grab on early in their ascent. Fame can kill influence.

Most influencers fall into two categories: peers and experts. We trust our peers. We look at them, we see ourselves. We relate well to “someone like me”. We also trust bona fide experts. They know more than we do about a particular topic.

Most celebrities aren’t either.

Celebrities are not credible as “someone like me.” No matter how hard they may try, the gulf of fame separates them from the rest of us. Too much fame also makes them suspect as bona fide experts.

Do your research. Figure out if your target influencers are nearing the point of diminishing returns.

Catch the rising stars. Throw back the red herrings.