Freeform Dynamics’ management transition

BarbaraIndustry analysts, influence

Dale Vile, co-founder and managing director of Freeform Dynamics, announced a change in leadership at his company. Jon Collins is stepping up to take over as Managing Director of Freeform Dynamics, while Dale assumes a role as Research Director. Co-founder Helen Vile continues as operations director. I expect this transition will be seamless, and look forward to seeing what Jon does with the reigns of Freeform.

In Silicon Valley, it’s almost expected that founders take a step back as their companies mature. Not so in the industry analyst business. Analyst companies are top-down in terms of management. Changes at the top tend to ripple down and out fairly quickly. Culture, research practices, client relations, trust and influence — all can change very quickly. Examples are all around us. Look at the changes Emily Green has brought to Yankee Group, and Gene Hall brought to Gartner.

Dale and Helen seem to have taken all the right steps in transitioning the top job. Best wishes to Jon, Dale and the rest of the Freeform Dynamics crew.