AR programs: traditional or with more influencers?

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How do you know whether you’re looking at a traditional analyst relations program or one already adopting elements of influencer relations? Rely on simple, straightforward litmus tests to distinguish between the two. Try this one: Traditional AR programs focus on trend watchers at the analyst firms. AR programs moving towards influencer relations focus on trend watchers and trend makers.

What’s the corporate business value of AR?

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Forrester Research’s Kevin Lucas raises a good question: what core corporate business value can your analyst relations program deliver? His point is that AR programs shouldn’t commit to delivering sales value unless there’s good reason to do so. As logical as that advice may sound, I don’t agree with it. Analyst relations programs can be designed to deliver on a … Read More

How will we measure influencer programs tomorrow?

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One of the top 10 questions we’re asked by new clients is, “what’s the best way to measure our influencer program?” Today, there’s no single “right” answer to that question. The answer varies according to the state and direction of the organization, its business objectives, and the market it’s addressing. Each organization undertakes an influencer program for its own unique … Read More

East meets west

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Caught this around the corner from our Montgomery St office this morning. That’s the historic Wells Fargo stagecoach outside one of our favorite local eateries. It’s not all doom and gloom in the financial district. Special thanks to my colleague Jose for the photo.

MrTweet mines influenceville

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An application called MrTweet caught my attention over the weekend, mostly due to a discussion on influence initiated by its creator, Steve Ming Yeow Ng. Check out the discussion at the MrTweet blog. Two important points from the discussion: 1. Influence is in the eye of the audience. 2. No such thing as a universal grade for influence. These points … Read More

Blogs aren’t what they used to be

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Duncan raises some good points about the evolution of blogs and microblogs (i.e. Twitter). Blogging is becoming the online publishing platform of choice in many industries, from politics to pharma. This has a couple of implications for influencer programs in 2009. Top of my list, is that 2009 should see the end of consternation over classifying influencers as “bloggers” or … Read More

Put vendor management execs on your influencer radar

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No high tech influencer program is complete until it addresses sourcing and vendor management executives. You may think that this group of people is buried deep in your customers’ accounting departments, removed from actual decisions. You may think of them more as gatekeepers on properly filled out forms, credit checks, and other accounting records. Not so. These executives wield enormous … Read More

Freeform Dynamics’ management transition

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Dale Vile, co-founder and managing director of Freeform Dynamics, announced a change in leadership at his company. Jon Collins is stepping up to take over as Managing Director of Freeform Dynamics, while Dale assumes a role as Research Director. Co-founder Helen Vile continues as operations director. I expect this transition will be seamless, and look forward to seeing what Jon … Read More