Many ways to touch influencers

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You would think that Chris Brogan, an impossibly wise and kind thought leader in social media circles, would never run into difficulties in engaging with influencers. Yet, he does. He shares a personal story about it, and how he succeeded, on this beautiful autumn morning.

His story highlights one of the tenets of influencer marketing: human beings respond differently to different types of outreach, at different times.

In short, if you are going to touch a new influencer 5 times, don’t use email for all 5 of the attempts. Don’t rely on posting 5 comments to their blog. Don’t try to get attention by connecting on 5 different social nets.

Mix it up.

What works today with one person, may not work again tomorrow. It may not work at all with another person.

Remember too, that every outreach doesn’t need to have precise aim and content. Don’t always strive to be erudite and thought-provoking.

Like Chris, just try to be genuine.