Influencers in the Microsoft reseller channel

BarbaraChannel partners, Influencer engagement, Influencer marketing

Microsoft large account resellers (LARs) are among the most influential channel partners in the industry. Companies that benefit the most from LARs are those that understand how to work with LARs as sales influencers.

LAR influence ranges from injecting consultative insight into a volume-licensing contract, to sharing competitive intel on mutual accounts. LARs can also give their downstream partners an additional boost through the Microsoft Influence Program for partners. Companies bringing contracts to registered LARs receive recognition and rewards direct from Microsoft. Altogether, that’s a far cry from relegating LARs to licensing support.

Of course, LARs will eat your lunch if you let them. As with any influencer, vet them properly before inviting them near your accounts. Sizing up LARs as influencers — not just as order takers — is a good way to start.

Rich Freeman has written an excellent digest of the good, the bad, and the ugly of working with Microsoft LARs at Redmond Channel Partner Online.