Influencer marketing in the downturn

BarbaraAnalyst relations, Influencer marketing

Economic conditions, cutbacks in marketing spending, and staff downsizing are top of mind with many of the tech marketers I’ve met over the last few weeks. One group that stands out as much more upbeat is the analyst relations community here in Silicon Valley. Many of the AR practitioners who gathered last week at an IIAR meeting told me that their client work is on the uptick and funding levels are holding.

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

We’re all more risk-averse during uncertain economic times. So it’s natural that we turn to our trusted advisors — our influencers — before putting money on the table. The same goes for clients and prospects.

Analysts are just one type of influencer that can boost marketing performance during these uncertain times. Take advantage of AR and your other established influencer programs for ideas in reaching out to the other top influencers in each of your markets.