Fear of influencing

BarbaraInfluencer marketing

The latest Post2Post Book Tour links to a funny cartoon on buzz marketing by Tom Fishburne. In it, he captures a powerful objection to influencer marketing: fear.

The simple truth is that many executives would rather ignore top influencers than engage with them and risk a negative outcome.

Fear of influencing can show up in subtle ways. Some executives express it as an unwillingness to free up budgets or calendars. More aggressive types go on the offensive, expressing it as a lack of confidence in the influencers or internal relationship managers.

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of fear-driven objections, if you’ve proposed changing the status quo in areas such as analyst relations, blogger relations, channel programs or strategic alliances.

Objections to influencer marketing come in all sizes, shapes, and denominations. Active listening — and a little humor — can help address them.