Gillen on direct marketers and influencers

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Paul Gillen draws a surprising line between direct marketing and influencer marketing in a guest post at Deliver. Connecting those two dots in particular — DM and influencer marketing — is heresy in many marketing circles. Common wisdom dictates that the influencer contact list and the direct marketing database should never meet. We’re seeing the beginning of the end of … Read More

Influencer marketing in the downturn

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Economic conditions, cutbacks in marketing spending, and staff downsizing are top of mind with many of the tech marketers I’ve met over the last few weeks. One group that stands out as much more upbeat is the analyst relations community here in Silicon Valley. Many of the AR practitioners who gathered last week at an IIAR meeting told me that … Read More

Oracle blends influencers into community

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Vinnie Mirchandani is one the enterprise IT influencers not attending Oracle OpenWorld in the flesh this year. Instead, he’s plugging into event content and buzz through the new “Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Influencer Community.” Smart move by Oracle. Oracle invited media and bloggers alike to join this event-specific influencer community. That means bloggers don’t need to request access from different marketing … Read More

Invite: Analyst relations meet-up in Palo Alto on Sept 25

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Peggy O’Neill, vp of analyst relations at H&K, was in touch with an invitation to Silicon Valley AR professionals for a special meeting in Palo Alto this week. The purpose of the meeting is twofold: hold an industry dialogue with independent analysts, and gauge interest in launching a Silicon Valley chapter of IIAR (the UK-based Institute of Industry Analyst Relations). … Read More

Getting personal with influencers

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Duncan points out a real world example using influencer marketing to create common ground and shared thinking among traditional marketing silos — PR, analyst relations, events, partner programs, et al. It’s easy to overlook the significance of this point. I’ve sat through many marketing department meetings where the only meaningful common ground was the catered lunch. Analyst relations can play … Read More

BuzzLogic converts influencer blogs into ad network

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Voices arguing that blogger popularity does not equate to influence lost a little more ground this week. A new ad network promises to deliver influential blogs to media buyers. My reaction is a mix of cheering and concern. What’s up: San Francisco-based BuzzLogic has launched its BuzzLogic Ad Targeting service. Essentially, the service enables companies to identify and place ads … Read More

SMB IT decision-makers rely on consultants

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The high tech industry analysts aren’t making much headway among the SMB decision-makers, according to this week’s Sage Market Pulse from Chadwick Martin Bailey. In this survey, independent consultants and colleagues lead all other types of external advisors on IT needs and solutions. You can see that SMB decision-makers are a smart bunch. They set up a well-balanced decision ecosystem … Read More

How sourcing advisors are getting into your account

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If you sell technology, you already know that sourcing advisors figure prominently in your influencer ecosystems. Have you ever wondered how they manage to get into your accounts in the first place? Most likely, they’re getting to your customers and prospects through word of mouth referrals, vendor referrals, or direct sales. That’s according to a new study on the sourcing … Read More

Survey: Tech decision-makers split on social media

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There’s quite a debate raging over whether IT decision-makers are influenced by blogs and other forms of social media. No matter which side you take in this debate, you’ll find good news and bad news in the latest installment of the “IT Social Media Index.” The IT Social Media Index is becoming a twice-yearly survey conducted by ITtoolbox (now part … Read More

Fear of influencing

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The latest Post2Post Book Tour links to a funny cartoon on buzz marketing by Tom Fishburne. In it, he captures a powerful objection to influencer marketing: fear. The simple truth is that many executives would rather ignore top influencers than engage with them and risk a negative outcome. Fear of influencing can show up in subtle ways. Some executives express … Read More