Welcome to Sway

BarbaraIndustry analysts, Influencer marketing

I’m one of the tech industry’s most well-known experts on the industry analysts — who they are, what they cover, how they deliver, how they compete. So it makes sense for me to start this blog with a little insight on why I’m joining the broader conversation about influencer marketing, and where I’d like to add to it.

I see that industry analysts play an important part in many technology purchase decisions. Yet, I also see signs of significant change in the way that product and service decisions are being made. These changes affect many influencers, not just industry analysts. So, it makes sense to explore the topic from the viewpoint of all influencers.

Here in the “Sway” blog, I’ll be discussing how vendors can achieve greater impact on customer decisions by transitioning to influencer marketing. That can be as simple as remixing traditional elements of marketing programs. Expect to find a particular emphasis on the implications for analyst relations, press relations, blogger relations, partner relations, and industry relations.