exevo Invests $1 Million in Global Technology Panel

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Interesting news for industry analyst and market research companies operating in high tech: exevo, a leading Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) firm, announced has invested USD $1 million in instituting a Global Technology Panel comprising dedicated business and consumer panelists. The research panel totals more than 125,000 members, divided between a Business Panel of more than 75,000 opinion leaders and a Consumer Panel of more than 50,000 members.

The investment highlights exëvo’s commitment to strengthening its strategic research portfolio with a full suite of services to its global clientele comprising leading research and consulting firms across the world.

The members of the panel are spread across the globe and include key economies like Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and USA and aid in providing key insights for exëvo’s research studies. The Business Panel comprises over 75,000 opinion leaders, decision makers and purchase influencers with expertise across Hardware, Software, Network and Telecommunication, Data Centers, Security and Systems. The Consumer Panel consists of over 50,000 members who will provide insights on consumer attitude and purchasing patterns for consumer technology products.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Alok Tayal, CEO, exëvo, said, “Continuous investment and innovation are hallmarks of exëvo’s core philosophy. The Global Technology Panel is a key step forward in our commitment to strengthen the company’s outsourcing research capabilities and to support clients with best-in-class research solutions with far greater speed and accuracy.”

The consumer panelists are essentially segmented by gender, age, ethnicity, income and technology use. This panel consists of over 50 profile dimensions and is continually refreshed with new panelists to ensure that exëvo’s clientele are able to get apt feedback from the segment that they target. Panelists are continuously updated about the purpose and focus of various studies and how they enable research firms and service providers to improve their products and services. They are selected telephonically and are profiled prior to their inclusion to maintain authenticity of the panel. The panelists are well ingrained for rapid turnarounds and quality responses and this will enhance the delivery to exëvo’s clients based around the world.

exëvo is one of the world’s leading Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) companies. exëvo provides comprehensive survey programming, data collection, data processing, data analytics and business research services to Market Research and consulting organizations globally. With significant experience and expertise in market research, exëvo conducts research in 90 countries with capabilities in 17 international languages. exëvo is today one of the leading companies with specialization in IT, Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, and Automobile verticals. It is the only MRO to have the three quality certifications — ISO 20252:2006, ISO 27001: 2005 and ISO 9001:2000.