Can you export influence?

BarbaraIndustry analysts, Influencer marketing

One of the US-based industry analyst firms, Enterprise Strategy Group, just announced it’s expanding into China. Announcements like this raise at least 2 interesting questions: Can ESG — a small specialty tech market research firm — gain enough traction in China to make the investment pay off? What does it mean to analyst relations and influencer marketing programs? The answers … Read More

Welcome to Sway

BarbaraIndustry analysts, Influencer marketing

I’m one of the tech industry’s most well-known experts on the industry analysts — who they are, what they cover, how they deliver, how they compete. So it makes sense for me to start this blog with a little insight on why I’m joining the broader conversation about influencer marketing, and where I’d like to add to it. I see … Read More

exevo Invests $1 Million in Global Technology Panel

BarbaraIndustry analysts, Research

Interesting news for industry analyst and market research companies operating in high tech: exevo, a leading Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) firm, announced has invested USD $1 million in instituting a Global Technology Panel comprising dedicated business and consumer panelists. The research panel totals more than 125,000 members, divided between a Business Panel of more than 75,000 opinion leaders and a … Read More