MR meets MRI: this is your brain on advertising

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Market researchers are turning to neuromarketing — aka brain scans — to understand secret reactions to advertising, media and product packaging. The goal is discovering what triggers your brain’s pleasure center, spurring that purchase instinct. Dr. Joshua Freedman, a neuropsychiatrist at FKF Applied Research and professor at UCLA, has used brain-scanning technology to test the effectiveness of political campaigns and … Read More

IIAR Forum presents Forrester Research

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The May 2007 meeting of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) Forum will feature Forrester Research. Guest speakers are David Metcalfe, a senior vice president at Forrester, and senior analyst Kevin Lucas. The meeting is open to current IIAR Forum members and a limited number of first-time guests. Seating is limited; RSVP to the IIAR secretary. The meeting will … Read More

Creating a 3rd life for the industry analyst business

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Lots of very smart people like to point out what’s wrong with the industry analyst business. Yet, few engage in a constructive conversation about what it’s going to take to revitalize the industry analyst business — so that it plays a more valuable link in the IT procurement chain going forward. Chanting lies-damn-lies won’t do the trick. To foster a … Read More

Northern Light tool extracts meaning from market research reports

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Northern Light today introduced MI Analyst(TM), an automated “meaning extraction” application designed specifically for market intelligence and market research. By combining free-text searching with advanced text analytics, MI Analyst speeds and improves a researcher’s ability to analyze reports from internal and external sources, identifying the strategy issues and suggesting the business implications of the analyzed content. MI Analyst adds value … Read More