Barbara on February 26th, 2007

The Tech for PR blog offers an insightful tip for leveraging Tekrati Industry Analyst Reporter for storylines — particularly for PR professionals with tech industry clients. This is a solid “how to” on using research findings as a launchpad, whether as a hook in pitching a story idea or the basis for an entire article. While freelance writers and editors visit Tekrati on a regular basis with this in mind, I suspect that many public relations professionals feel that they don’t have time to explore these avenues. Erik shows the process can be fast and easy.

In fact, he illustrates that creative pitching can leverage a single Gartner press release or whitepaper for several different articles. This is much more mileage than citing a statistic in a press release.

Naturally, it’s imperative to follow the citation policies of each research company when preparing the final submission.

Check out the complete post, “Use Tekrati to come up with ideas for bylines”, and browse more tips while you’re there.

Reprinted from Tekrati

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Reprinted from Tekrati.
Author: David Rossiter, guest columnist

The IIAR has launched a new website, offering members access to an AR job shop, discussion forums, a calendar of training courses and events, as well as a library. In addition, Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard and Aaron Yaverski will address the March IIAR meeting.

“Update on the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations”

There’s been a lot going on at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations recently so it seemed an appropriate time for a quick update.

As you may have seen, we now have a website (www.analystrelations. org). This contains information and news on the Institute as well as various sections for members. These include an AR job shop, discussion forums, a calendar of training courses and events, as well as a library that contains (among other things) ‘best practice’ whitepapers and analyst firm research agendas and team directories. (Hat tip to Tekrati for providing the newsfeed we use on our homepage).

Looking ahead, we’re delighted to have Gartner presenting at our next meeting which is taking place on 15 March. Peter Sondergaard (SVP and head of research) and Aaron Yaverski (GVP, high-tech provider product management) are our guest speakers. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact us using the details on the website.

In January, at our last meeting, IIAR members and guests from companies such as BEA, BT, CA, Cisco, LogicaCMG, Oracle, T-Systems and Unisys came to hear Datamonitor executives Anthony Parslow and Tim Royston-Webb. There was obviously lots of interest in Datamonitor’s recent acquisition of Ovum and Anthony and Tim spoke openly about the company’s future plans for the business.

There’s a summary of the meeting at the IIAR Yahoo Group. Members can find more information, including the Datamonitor presentation and handouts, in the Library section of the IIAR website.

Profile: Tekrati guest columnist David Rossiter is a managing partner at Sunesis, a UK-based PR agency focused on helping companies communicate with IT industry analysts. He is board member of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. Find his complete blog at

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