Free Hosted Blogs for PR Practioners

BarbaraAnalyst relations, Public relations, social media

Auburn University’s Robert French (no relation), with the support of James Farmer, has launched to bring PR professionals, educators and students together within a blogging community. PR practioners, educators and students can sign up for a free, ad-free, fully hosted blog of their own. For PR pro’s, this is a low risk, no (monetary) cost way to begin experimenting with a blog of your own. It also offers the opportunity to engage with a diverse community of PR bloggers.

The effort quickly earned two thumbs up from the likes of Jeremy Pepper, Neville Hobson, Octavio Rojas, Guillaume du Gardier, Shawn Lea, Scott Kidder, Dale Wolf, Allan Jenkins, and Blake Barbera. What better way to understand blogging than to participate? Sign up for a free blog and get started today.

Reprinted from Tekrati