Outsell: Syndicated Research Is Alive and Well

BarbaraIndustry analysts

If you’ve adopted the position that industry research models are completely broken and no one wants to access a library of research reports anymore, you might want to read the July 13 post about MarketResearch.com acquiring MindBranch at Outsell Now, the Outsell, Inc. corporate blog. ¬†According to the post — and this is written by analysts focused on the information industry —

“The deal also reflects the prevailing surge in interest in syndicated research in the research industry. During economic downturns, buyers tend to turn to custom research as they make tactical changes to improve performance. In the current upturn, however, more companies are looking to expand with new products and into new markets — and syndicated offerings are a good starting point to frame new markets and potential areas for expansion.”

Reprinted from Tekrati