Free Hosted Blogs for PR Practioners

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Auburn University’s Robert French (no relation), with the support of James Farmer, has launched to bring PR professionals, educators and students together within a blogging community. PR practioners, educators and students can sign up for a free, ad-free, fully hosted blog of their own. For PR pro’s, this is a low risk, no (monetary) cost way to begin experimenting … Read More

Special Report: Alternatives to Gartner

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Gartner, Inc.’s acquisition of META Group has sparked industry discussion about top industry analyst alternatives to Gartner. Tekrati asked seven of the top choices in North America to state their case for technology users and vendors.  In addition, this report highlights two stand-out firms from among the hundreds offering specialized expertise and services. Top picks include well-known firms — Forrester … Read More

Outsell: Syndicated Research Is Alive and Well

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If you’ve adopted the position that industry research models are completely broken and no one wants to access a library of research reports anymore, you might want to read the July 13 post about acquiring MindBranch at Outsell Now, the Outsell, Inc. corporate blog.  According to the post — and this is written by analysts focused on the information … Read More

Influencing IT Industry Analysts: Workshop for Asia/Pacific AR Professionals

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Building mindshare and momentum with IT industry analysts is not just a matter of luck — it requires knowledge, insight and understanding. To help Asia/Pacific high tech vendor teams achieve these, Intelligen and Lighthouse Analyst Relations will hold their inaugural Singapore training course on August 15, 2005 at the Rendezvous Hotel. The one-day workshop will address key issues involved in … Read More