Chuffed! Harvard Business School Working Knowledge reviews selected websites, and Tekrati made the cut. In the site review, HBS Working Knowledge says,

“With the possible exception of investment analysts, no one follows the IT business as closely as technology analysts, so a site that tracks what they are saying is an extremely valuable URL to bookmark. Tekrati reports on …”

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Alan Weinkrantz and Company will hold its annual Public Relations/Analyst Relations seminar in Tel Aviv on Monday, June 20th. Sponsored by PR Newswire and entitled “How to Effectively Develop Your Message and Reach Out to The U.S. Media and Industry Analysts”, the seminar will focus on the process of developing a company’s message and executing an effective PR program in order to generate media coverage and industry credibility.

The seminar is geared toward CEOs and senior level marketing and communications executives who are facing the challenges of effectively reaching influential media, analysts, and opinion leaders. It is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and insight needed to be increasingly effective in managing their company’s media and analysts relations programs.

Find registration contacts and more information at Alan’s blog. Source: PR Newswire and Alan Weinkrantz PR Web Log.

Reprinted from Tekrati

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