In early 2005, Tekrati published a special report on the state of industry analyst blogs and launched the Tekrati online directory of analyst weblogs. Here, we provide links and summaries for the special report, as well as the two sidebars. At the time of launch, we listed 60 blogs in the directory. As of the end of March 2005, we list close to 90.

Special Report: The State of Analyst Weblogs, Part 1
The high tech industry analysts have been slow to adopt blogs. That’s about to change. In this two-part special report, Tekrati takes the pulse of the industry analyst bloggers… At first glance, the slow spread of analyst blogs seems illogical. We expect the analysts to embrace new technologies. We expect the analysts to embrace tools that can increase their visibility and effectiveness as thought leaders. Where the two intersect — new technologies and new communications channels — we expect to find analyst nirvana. So, why the slow uptake?

Special Report: The State of Analyst Weblogs, Part 2
As professional opinion leaders and market experts, industry analysts face three key challenges as bloggers: credibility, relevance and passion. Tekrati explores these challenges and how different analyst groups address them, as we continue this special report on industry analyst blogs. Related stories offer in-depth comments from selected analysts, and a reading list that links directly to analyst commentary on blogs and RSS.

Inside-out: Industry Analysts on their Blogs
Five industry analysts speak candidly about their blogs — past, present and future — in this supplement to Tekrati‚Äôs Special Report: The State of Analyst Weblogs.

Industry Analysts on Blogs and RSS: Research Links
This sampling of industry analyst research and commentary on blogs and RSS supplements Tekrati’s special report on analyst blogs, and the launch of our directory of analyst blogs.

Tekrati’s Directory of Analyst Blogs*
The directory includes company and personal blogs published by industry analysts. Each listing includes analyst author, blog title, blog URL, blog description, and the name of the associated analyst firm linked to its listing in our free directory of industry analyst firms. The OPML includes blog titles, URLs and RSS feed URLs as applicable.

* Effective 11 F ebruary 2011, the Tekrati Analyst Blogs Directory & OPML are no longer available.

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The Analyst Strategy Group, founded by former SageCircle analyst relations consultants, offers its 2004 Tech Buyers Study and related deliverables. Visit the ASG Web site for survey highlights (display highlights by rolling your cursor over the thumbnail charts), and to download a descriptive study scope sheet. Note that ASG suggests including company executives and members of the sales leadership team when considering its option for purchasing a live 90-minute review session of survey findings. The 2004 ASG study reflects almost 500 individual responses, providing what ASG believes to be statistically significant findings for the North America, EMEA and Asia/Pacific regions, as well as several vertical markets. The types of tech buyer information included:

  • Analyst firm usage and the importance of individual analyst firms within each region
  • Analyst and consulting firm usage and importance based on IT buyer company size
  • The credibility of each of the major analyst firms, with differences noted by region and vertical market
  • The role and relative impact of the media, analysts and consultants in each stage of the buying process
  • Individual analyst/consultant vs. firm credibility in each geographic region

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