Full disclosure overdue from high-tech analysts

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Scott Kirsner quotes me in his Boston.com October 18th @Large column on technology. The column explores the need for greater transparency among industry analysts with regards to their vendor revenues. Mr. Kirsner also quotes Ian Campbell, Judith Hurwitz, Rob Enderle and Tony Friscia from the analyst side, and Nick Desai, chief executive of Juice Wireless, a Los Angeles company that … Read More

The 451 Group Declines PR Agency, Clipping Service Subscriptions

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Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey broke the news this week that The 451 Group is declining new and renewal subscriptions from PR, marketing communications and clipping service agencies. The policy is intended to eliminate violations of The 451 Group terms and conditions protecting its intellectual property. SWMS subscribers can read the news item, including comments by Adam Needles, vp at The … Read More