Louis Columbus: Don’t Treat Industry Analysts as ‘Quote ATMs’

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Louis Columbus, founder of independent LWC Research and a former AMR Research analyst, published a commentary in CRMBuyer (Aug. 27) on the downside of vendors focusing on industry analysts as media references. Most AR professionals will disagree with his assertion that vendors often request an analyst quote without having briefed the analyst in advance. However, the commentary does support discussions … Read More

JupiterMedia Sues eMarketer Inc. for Copyright and Trademark Infringement

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Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced it has sent cease and desist letters to eMarketer Inc. claiming inducement to breach contract and infringement of its copyright and database rights in both France and the United Kingdom. This latest action is in addition to the legal action commenced earlier against eMarketer in the United States by the parent of JupiterResearch. Reprinted … Read More

Denis Pombriant on State of the Industry Analyst Business

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In a recent CRMBuyer article, Denis Pombriant sizes up the state of the industry analyst community. He suggests that the analyst community will most likely evolve, becoming smaller and offering a better balance between supply and demand for IT analysis. Denis Pombriant is founder and managing principal of Beagle Research Group, and a former Aberdeen Group vp focused on CRM. … Read More

Rob Enderle on Ethics and Industry Analysts

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Rob Enderle assesses PR agency and vendor concerns over industry analyst integrity and ethics in an insightful column published by TechNewsWorld. In the column, Mr. Enderle offers a well-rounded perspective on the evolution of the industry analyst practices in question, and describes the typical industry analyst perspective on potential conflicts of interest. The column expands on his comments reported in … Read More